Greetings all, Caleb (TPM/Ender) here, man have I missed you guys! Things have been a bit crazy but I hope they are starting to calm down a bit, I’ve had so much going on since we talked last, wisdom teeth surgery, lost then regained 20% of my left ears hearing, brain MRI’s, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! But who cares about that stuff!!!! I’m back and that’s the important thing here 🙂 I really want to stress that EnderPlay isn’t just a TPMGaming rebrand, we made close inspection into everything we do, and have done our best to rethink how we are doing almost everything. This rollout was supposed to happen all at once, in one huge mega-event but given the crazy health issues I have been dealing with that has put us rather behind I have decided to roll this out in stages.   We’re currently wrapping up Stages 1 and 2, nearing entry into stage 3. NOTE: IF A TASK HAS AN ASSOCIATED WEBSITE, CLICK ON THE TASK TO BE TAKEN TO IT.

Stage 1 (2015): Infrastructure,

Once our foundation is strong and ready for the future we will use Stage 1’s tools to build and improve upon our community in Stage 2. Returning our focus to our content, and bringing our amazing community the best content we can!


Stage 2 (Q1 2016): Community,

  • Collect player feedback on Stage 1

  • Improve Stage 1 based on feedback

  • RELEASE VIP/PREMIUM Mianite DONOR only server. (Top Priority)

  • Hold competition to determine our first community created EnderMedia modpack release.

  • Live streaming events  *** (this is a huge maybe, contingent on time and availability)

  • Server YouTube content *** (again also a huge maybe, contingent on time and availability)

  • Launch new community issue tracker.

  • Launch EnderMedia Insider Program for testing of in-dev modpacks to ensure quality. (very exclusive)

  • Launch pack testing team for testing each modpack version before its released to the public. (much less exclusive)

  • Sync in-game ranks with XenForo Forums.


Stage 3 (Q2 2016): Community Outreach,

  • Select winner of modpack competition.

  • Begin collaborative work with winner to ensure modpack meets our rigorous standards.

  • Internally come up with our next modpack and begin preparatory work

  • REDACTED (Trust us, you’ll like this one)


Stage 4 (Q3 2016): Publishing,

  • Release community collaborative competition modpack.

  • Work on next major modpack.

  • Internally come up with our next modpack and begin preparatory work

  • REDACTED (Trust us, you’ll like this one)


We plan to improve this over time, and look forward to your thoughts!


As always <3 TPM

I go by EnderMedia now too 😛


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