Greetings Enderverse!

We’re doing some hacking and slashing on Mianite at the moment, over the past week we’ve seen a few chunks get a little too angry, so we have arranged for them to speak with our resident counselor to try and work out some of their personal issues.

All jokes aside, we’re taking a debug snapshot of the entire world to help us restore the working versions of the bad chunks. However there is some good news with this situation, our backup system has worked flawlessly and we have 3x a day incremental backups going back to March 27th and daily COMPLETE backups going back to the 27th of March as well!

As soon as I know more I will update you all, the goal is to have us back online for this evening 🙂

Well back to work for me, hopefully we will see you all very soon back on the server!

Much Love,

Ender and the team.


  1. A list of blacklisted servers was released (my thoughts are contained below with the assumption that the people decoding the list did so successfully.)
  2. Mojang is finally enforcing its EULA with serious but non-litigious force (not suing).
  3. Mojang has officially blacklisted a modded server for the first time, many speculated that modded servers would not be effected by any of this, clearly that’s not the case.
  4. NOTHING will change for us, we have been compliant for a very long time, and wish to strive to provide the best experience possible, but in order to do so we need your support, you can either visit our store at or sending a direct donation to via PayPal.

Evening friends, Ender here with a community update and my thoughts regarding what is going on in the community right now. You’ve probably seen this image making the rounds in the Minecraftverse: blacklisted_servers_modded_cropped.png

It is not my intent to blast non-compliant servers here, only to inform our users and provide some anecdotal feedback regarding the situation. We’ve had a very long time to prepare for this, and I doubt any of us will get it right the first time, so please be patient as we try to find a balance between pleasing you guys our amazing players and paying the bills.

Wait you said ENFORCEMENT, not just warnings right? Correct, they are actually denying players access to the servers running the newer version of the game that are not complying. Some servers have outright come out and said they have no plans to comply in the future and would rather just cash out over the next few months and then die.

At the end of the day it’s all about what you, our players are willing to buy, so amidst this crazy situation I want to ask every one of you, what would you pay for, what would you enjoy, what would make you want to support us, what would excite you. When you start taking a game too seriously its no longer fun, so lets keep it light and have a civil conversation about moving forward, because looking back won’t do any of us any good.

Side note, can we all agree that #MicrosoftSaveMinecraft like Microsoft isn’t aware of the whole situation is just absurd, they want to clean it up so its safer for education and better for our youth, if it was your kids, you’d feel the same way.

I can assure you all this, as we take our next steps we do so with very careful thought regarding how it will affect our awesome community, we really love you guys 🙂

Goodnight everyone, and as always,

<3 Ender

Tonight marks a melancholy moment for me personally. Over a year ago, on April 6th, 2015 I made an investment into our future by adding our first Enterprise grade hardware server to our stack, and in that time not only has it been an incredibly valuable asset it has seen growth, traffic and most of all, love from our amazing community.

Here are a few fun stats I’ll share before we finally part ways, in case you are wondering this is one of our legacy boxes part of our larger plan to update our older infrastructure and re-organize with a focus on the two most important elements, the game server and the pack distribution and man has seen a lot of pack distribution. I attribute a huge amount of our sustainable growth to the sheer power of this box as a distribution hub for all our incredible content over the last year.

Just take a look at some of its sustained network usage over time:


This thing was a work horse and I’m so very grateful to its contribution to our team. (and yes thats almost half a gigabit of sustained traffic :P)

It’s also hosted some incredible packs for our modpack author community, we’ve been fortunate to have such an incredible platform to work from so we try to give back and share when we can, a lot of authors have launched from including:

  • The 1.7.10 Pack (Jon)
  • Glixyl (A bunch of modpacks)

And of course our own content too!

  • Simplify Minecraft (Where it all began between Amaxter and I)
  • Steve’s Galaxy (Our take on a space adventure pack)
  • Realm of Mianite (The critically acclaimed community pack for the largely popular series Realm of Mianite Season 2)
  • Rexxit: Jurassic Pack (Our soiree into Jurassic World fandom)

And during that time we’ve accomplished a lot, Mianite just reached 2M runs, 300k downloads, and thats such an incredible milestone, but perhaps even more amazing is our Ender family total of 5.7 MILLION runs and 1.01 MILLION downloads, we’re humbled and honored to have reached such a huge milestone, and can’t wait for you to see what we have in store next. If you were curious has been replaced by, and its what’s allowed us to deploy NEW FORUMS as well as a brand new HUB SITE, BAN PORTALS and quite honestly so, so much more. I’ve learned so much on this journey, and I can’t wait to see what is in store next for the refreshed new EnderPlay community and team.


Much love,